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PRICO – Forex, Financial risk management, Investment consultancy

PRICO Group, A leading and experienced investment group in Israel, specializes in foreign exchange (forex) as well as risk management and financial services. We use our knowledge acquired over years of operations around the world and in Israel since 1979, in foreign exchange, financing, hedging, risk management and investment management, to produce an added value to our customers.We believe in full transparency with our customers to whom we provide a full range of services for their benefit without any in-house positions [no “nostro account”], in order to prevent any situation of conflict of interest.For us the slogan “our client’s success is our success too” is a way of life.
PRICO Group is a leading of construction and implementation of financial strategies and transactions in foreign exchange, financial hedging and risk management, investment consultancy, market research and portfolio management.We work 24 hours a day for our clients , the group  standard and regulated by ISA (Israel Securities Authority)

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