Prico's Vision

The Freiman family, controlling the company of the Prico Group, operated and registered in Israel in the 1970s.

The group is headed by Mr. Joseph Freiman.

The Prico group has been providing clients for customers in Israel’s capital market for over two decades. The group maintains adherence to the tradition of personal, efficient, and business relation. Prico, at the client’s disposal, will deploy a financial world. Freoko is well-positioned in transparency and reliability, and is actively working to adapt a variety of services to customer needs and requirements.

The group’s clients authority has a large and skilled expert team of experts and experience in planning, managing and conducting financial transactions. The Princo team is comprised of a analysts formation,

Dealers, staff and front-end deals

A team of academics with education in the fields of economics, accounting, business Administration, law and science. The group’s employees see the utmost importance in cultivating direct and personal contact with the client and providing professional, efficient and reliable service.

The company encourages its employees to expand and deepen their professional education as well as their involvement in community activities.

Frico Manager (Tel-a) is licensed to engage in investment consultancy and as such meets the requirements of the law to regulate the practice of consulting and investment management. The company’s reviews are distributed through international systems including Reuters.  The group received recognition of the “reserve shield” for involvement and contribution to Israel’s security in 2009.

We pledge to


To continue providing our customers with financial service and solutions while adhering to uncompromising quality, efficiency, professionalism.

Fairness, transparency and responsibility

Principles that meet the basis of the long-lasting relationship with our clients, as the director of the Prico family, with its employees.


Since the beginning of the 90, Frico has developed unique and exclusive computing systems that are milestones in the field of risk management for reporting arrays. Development, assimilation and training.

Reliability and skill

It has a basic and leading rule which has no conflicts against the client, and, among other things, there is no such thing as a Notro account.

High standard

Prico is committed to regularly correct reliability and quality of the Inspection Unit (COMPLIANCE) and the Legal Bureau. Frieko strives to train its employees in accordance with standards and procedures accepted by the capital markets. In Freeline employees, like the world's financial systems, members of the International Currency traders organization. ACI-The Financial Markets Association