Community Involvement

The Prico group supports bodies, associations and social ventures, and considers its value and material contribution to a very meaningful community. Frico encourages social involvement of its employees both in the framework of the group’s activities and in personal activities.

אות הוקרה - מגן המילואים לשנת 2009

Award of Appreciation-Reserve guard for the year 2009

The "Reserve Shield" medal is a sign designed to indicate an independent corporations/employers in general, in their activities towards their employees who serve in the reserves, fulfill the spirit of the employers ' charter for employees who serve in the reserves and enable the existence of a permissible distinction to employees who serve in the reserves (by the 2006 Reserve Law). In this way, these employers convey the message of the importance they consider in reserve reserves as a specific social and organizational norm, honoring the employee's commitment and his contribution to state security through the reserve service, guarantees his rights as a rule for the company's employees and even express appreciation and appreciation for him on the backdrop of being a reserve man.

מבצע מעות נעות - 2002

Operation "Maot Naot" - 2002

Operation "moving Times" to find European currencies that preceded the euro, centralized through the delivery of the, and the use of the in-between, were concentrated in the countries of the issuers when the return was transferred to the welfare organizations. The operation was initiated by the Freoko group with the assistance of the Freiman Foundation. The success of the operation is other partners in the field of communication and retail, as well as welfare organizations. The operation served the humane interest of helping others, under the title: "…" It is fun and it is not lacking…