Prico Team

The group’s clients authority has a large and skilled staff with seniority and experience in planning, managing and performing strategies and financial transactions. The Princo team is comprised of analysts, dealers, staff and front-end trading rooms. A team of academics with education in the fields of economics, accounting, business Administration, Banking, law and science.

Joseph Freiman | CEO of the Prico Group

Mr. Freiman is CEO of the Prico and Freiman Holdings Group, the group operates in the foreign exchange, NIS, futures, interest and capital markets in Israel and abroad. The group develops software, applications and solutions to the financial market. Mr. Freiman, we were a member of the company ranking credit rating. Freiman has an academic education in the field of economics, business administration, agricultural economy, sci[.Msc]ence and justice. Licensed to deal with investment consultancy and management and a member of the Global Forex Traders Organization (ACI) from the 80. In his practice, Mr. Freiman has specialized in the management of risks and extensive financial activity, and in a variety of levels: the Tazmit, the Mahdi and the economic. Member of the investment committees of the banking and public organizations, Mr. Freiman has begun to serve as a consultant to the leading companies in the economy during the 80 years. After prolonged stay in the United States, and with his return to Israel, Mr. Freeman joined the banking system where he was engaged in the international arena, in the field of foreign trading, the majority, and the raw materials alongside the involvement in the local capital market. His career as a dealer in the business room began at the Bank Hapoalim and later managed the international trading room as part of a leading multinational company. In the late 1980s, he joined the staff of the Prico group.

Eli Kadosh | Investment Committee Chairman

Eli serves as a member of the company's investment committee, from the Prico group, which is the group's financial arm and manages investments in Israel and abroad for companies, individuals and large private clients. Eli joined the PPM lines after having spent over thirty years a wide range of senior positions in the Bank of Israel, inter alia, in the business sector, foreign exchange, banking, capital movements and balance of payments. Eli has extensive experience and profound familiarity with the Israeli economy and the world economy. He served for many years as the Bank of Israel's Study fund and its investment committee, and led it to particularly notable achievements. Eli has been serving as a member of the CFO of the largest companies in Israel, and has served as a member of many taxation committees, capital movements determining prices of public products, and more to represent Israel in international labor groups in the OECD, Euro-stat and more. Eli was the head of the team who worked to adapt the statistical rules of the payment balance to the requirements of the OECD organization, which provided a necessary condition for attaching Israel to the prestigious organization.

Nitza Mesika-Reiser | Chief Analyst

Mrs. Mesika-Reiser, has an academic education in the field of economics, business Administration. B. A) from Ben-Gurion University and in law. M. A) from Bar-Ilan University. She began her training in the Prico group in 1998 for the transaction room. In recent years, the role of the chief Analyst in the fields of planning, management and execution of transactions and financial activities for institutional and private clients, as well as locating and examining the financial and experimental exposures of the companies in the past, is used. Mrs. Mesika Reiser is responsible for examining endogenous and exogenous effects of raw material prices and other market risks for the performance of various sectors of the economy.

Igor Brachman | Senior Analyst

איגור הינו בעל השכלה אקדמית בתחום הכלכלה ומנהל עסקים (BA) מהאוניברסיטה העברית.
החל את דרכו המקצועית בפריקו בשנת 2007 ומשמש כדילר בחדר העסקאות וכאנליסט בכיר בתחומי התכנון, הניהול והביצוע של עסקות ופעולות פיננסיות עבור לקוחות מוסדיים ופרטיים.

Amit Gilboa | Dealer and Senior Broker

Amit Gilboa, serves in Frico as a dealer - senior trader, at Mr. Gilboa's experience of over 20 years of trading in the capital market (specializing in forex trading, options, spot and interest rates).
Amit works with qualified, local and foreign customers, including banks, funds and business entities. Through in-depth analysis, to the behavior of the financial markets, customer exposures and in the face of hedging options.
Mr. Gilboa has knowledge and experience, and he works within his many years of work in handling financial exposures, leading characterization processes, integration, project management and implementation of methods, strategies and trading systems along with support and leadership of the operational team and development staff.