Financial Services

Virtual Accounting Platform

After decades of specialization in forex financing via analyses and trading, Prico Group is now making its services available globally through a virtual accounting platform.

Years of experience combined with today’s new innovative technology and the emerging needs of cashless transactions have given rise to Currency Gate’s latest endeavor: the Cozmo Global app.

Combined with Visa Prepaid Card from the Israeli Authorized issuer, Max IT Finance company, Currency Gate enables individuals and business users to benefit from Prico’s experience and services in order to meet their financial needs at all times.

With Cozmo, users can send and request funds, make payments, exchange currencies, review expenditures, and more.

Business users can set a multi-functionality payment method to gain control and automatic salary payments, as well as help foreign employees transition to cashless payment and easy and friendly online account management.

As part of a well-known financial firm, Currency Gate facilitates faster transfers for Cozmo users, as well as better exchange rates and a superior standard of financial security.