Research and Analysis

Research is one of Prico’s basic milestones. We, at Prico, believe that research is the basis for strategic decision making in the various markets and for their implementation over time.

The research department is divided into several units:

  • Analysis: Foreign currency, indices, interest rates, commodities and financial assets.
  • Company needs analysis: Specification, risks, cash flow and exposures.
  • Capital market research.

Prico is unique in its ability to analytically accompany the client, whether it is an industrial company, distributor and importer or whether it is a large private customer, ranging from the analysis of its current situation, reaching conclusions and proposing operative methods for addressing its needs.

As stated, the Prico client enjoys research capabilities that are applied consistently to currency hedging and/or portfolio management and consulting.

Prico provides its customers with various reviews, articles, market studies, forecasts and strategies. Using advanced processing and analysis systems developed by Prico, customers enjoy the technological power and reputation of professionalism, reliability and efficiency.

At Prico, customers can choose to receive daily or periodic reviews by e-Mail as related to the foreign currency and commodity market. These reviews are an added value beyond the consulting and management services offered by Prico, enabling the customer the opportunity to be involved and enrich his current knowledge of the market situation.